Thursday, 29 January 2015

Spilled Love

You know when you watch a film and the 'IT' girl, has that wardrobe? The one with every designer handbag, dresses on rotation, and an endless array of shoes? 

Lou&Lou have my dream wardrobe. They're two fabulous stylists who I teamed up with to create a Lookbook. I had a sneak peak of their wardrobes and I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Their rooms are a never ending catwalk of Jimmy Choos and Vintage Burberry Macs.

I’m so happy to be able to share this editorial. It’s perhaps one of my fondest memories. Plus it’s a mix of a few of my favourite things, beautifully styled pieces and discovering hidden gems in the city. All captured by pro-photographer Robert, on a bloomin' lovely not-too-hot-not-too-cold-all-you-need-is-a-light-jacket day. 

Anyway, I slipped into my first outfit and headed out to shoot on the streets of... wait for it... Liverpool! 

So here we go, four different outfit inspirations!

"All you need is a light jacket" - Miss Rhode Island. 

The first look is the leather top and ruffle skirt combo - very darling, very edgy, very creatively va-va voom! 

This adventurous look just screams for killer heels.

The second look is the classic, little black dress with an edge. Every girl needs one in their wardrobe. Going for the “all black everarething” look, they paired me up with “all black errything” heels.

The snazzy side multi-chain necklace drapes over the arm, so you can rock the shoulder up and down like Elvis, oh the wonder of you.

The third is the elephant print dress. This one is my fave'!
I'm wild for animal print, especially with birds, cats and penguins. When I saw this one I remembering whispering to myself, "it's a got fricken' elephants on it - Gimme Gimme!". This one nips you in the waist in a timeless black & white print.

Lou&Lou must of somehow sensed I was an animal lover as they paired me up with a big ruffle scarf so I could roar with my two new lion friends in my very own mane.

I always feel Kellogg's Special K super sexy in a red dress. And this one dressed is dreamy. Beautifully shaped with the lightest and swishiest rose coloured fabric. It nips you in at the waist, drapes at the front and shows off your legs.

We shot in front of the town hall in Liverpool City Centre, and behind many of its back streets. I know, it doesn't look anything like Liverpool. Saying that, Liverpool does have some beautiful landmarks.

It felt so wonderful, walking (and waddling) on cobbled steps in my heels, exploring the city, being surrounded by architecture, in beautiful dresses, all in light cool air.

Anyway enough of talking cheese. Let's go eat some!

I hesitatingly gave back all my dresses and we all went for a well-deserved hearty meal in a pub, the British way. I had a cheeseburger and fries which I couldn't resist because it was on a special deal.
And that is that!

There’s too many reasons to list why I adore this shoot, but I'll let you decide whether it gives you some style inspo'.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Location: Liverpool City Centre

Stylists: Lou&Lou
Photographer: Robert Emmett
Make Up: Corinne Young

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


I have a love/hate relationship with my hair, same day washed hair has too much volume, second day hair is perfect but then the greaseball beehive takes it's place thereafter (sorry for the TMI, folks). 

Anyway, I'll share with you my favourite shampoos. My hair meets the oily/greasy criteria, if you suffer from this, then this post is for you. But don't fear - thin and coloured hair types, I will cover those too.

Sneaky behind the scenes snaps...

On a day-to-day basis, my scalp severely cannot make up it's mind, I use Aveda Scalp Benefits Shampoo and Conditioner to balance my scalp. After a successful recommendation from a friend; It's. So. Damn. Good. I used to make the mistake of using strong medical shampoos, oh, big mistake, it would dry out my hair temporarily but then extra produce sebum to lubricate the roots due to the lack of moisture.

As it's the only shampoo I use (except Moroccanoil Shampoo & Conditioner occasionally, post here) I buy the Aveda Scalp Benefits Shampoo 1000ml bottle, it's pricey but it doesn't contain rubbish chemicals that you find in supermarket brands, I honestly think that shampoo is not a product that you should compromise on. If you're a dude and you by so happen to be reading my girly Blog, (awesome), I would recommend any of the Aveda Hair Range to you, depending on your hair type.

For thin/limp hair, I've had a nosey posey around on how to volumise and thicken hair, for a high street brand, any of the Pantene Pro V range is pretty good and does the trick. I've also discovered that Aussie Shampoo is great for pre-curling and has a great yummy smell.

For coloured/dyed hair and back in my ginger-to-brown-to-purple hair days, I used to use Kerastase Riche Shampoo, it was great for keeping the relationship between the rainbow and my locks happy, whilst maintaining long term hair health.

A message for Goldilocks, if you're out there and reading this, let me know how the above products work for you, I have porridge.

Location: Andrew Whittaker Studios, Manchester City Centre, UK

Aveda Scalp Benefits Shampoo | Aveda Scalp Benefits Conditioner | Aveda Scalp Benefits Shampoo 1000ml bottle | Aveda Hair Range | Moroccanoil | Moroccanoil Shampoo & Conditioner | Pantene Pro V | Aussie Shampoo | Kerastase Riche Shampoo |
Photographer: Andrew Whittaker 
Make Up Artist: Jade Antonia
Hair Stylist Beth

Friday, 9 January 2015


Happy New Year!

Yes, that’s right, check out the 2015 fashion craze, totes exclusive capsule collection, I present to you... the plastic bag. Worn over your head; it's just fabulous darling... Kidding! I (thankfully) cannot write this seriously.

I would look like a numpty’ with that on in public. Disclaimer: please, please do not try this at home, thanks. This was kind of an artsy project with photographer Tanvi Madkiler, I'm sending some love to the talented Make-up Artists, yes that's right; it took two artists to sort this face.

I've put together a colourful mood board of my favourite eye, lip, and cheek make up favourites.

Why not test out a few for 2015 and see which ones become your staple this year?

Eyeshadow Palettes

1. NYX Cosmetics Palette - The NYX Palette costs around £9 - £10 which is AMAZINGLY great value for what you get, first of all the pigment is seriously high quality. Secondly, the 10-colour blocks are huge, there's a good range of colours in the 09 palette (shown above), if you take one swatch on the tip of your finger, you can see how good it is, my favourite is the purplely colour. The 07 palette is also great for everyday wear. Highly recommended!

2. Bobbi Brown Palette - This is one of the pricer palettes, but you're paying for the well-known Bobbi Brown quality eyeshadows. The long lasting slots are huge and it has a humongous mirror on opening, which is so handy!

3. Urban Decay Palette - I'm a massive fan of Urban Decay because it's great for everyday wear as it contains all of the natural colours, you can even use the colours as a bronzer if you were despo'.

4. MAC Palette - Every Make-up Artist's treasure chest reveals MAC signature eyeshadows. To house the beauties, MAC has empty MAC Palettes for when you want to get frisky with personalising your shade palette, it's great value, £2.50! There's also Warm Neutral and Cool Neutral which contains the best picks.

5. Smashbox Palette // Smashbox is fresh in the market, but their makeup range is damn good! Popular eye openers, this chocolate palette is great if you want a mix of natural and night colours. Even though the eyeshadows are on the small side, it's the only palette that comes with a really good mascara.

6. Coastal Scents Palette - The best value for money and suits those who are daring with their eye shadow cocktail experiments, ridiculously handy for Halloween! The pigments are great for how much you pay. The lid did break on mine, but the eyeshadows are still alive and kicking. (Just keep them covered).

Single Eyeshadow

1. DIOR Eyeshadow - Can be used wet or dry. What on earth does that mean?! Throw the eyeshadow in the sink? Apparently, the idea is that you can wear them dry for a natural pop of colour but, you can dampen an applicator and use them wet to really build up the colour and increase the pigment. They remind me of those backstage catwalk adverts, 'intensify the colour, rock that look', these eyeshadows are great as they have a milled formula.

2. NARS Eyeshadow - Long lasting, heavily pigmented, beautiful colours. I don't really need to talk much about NARS, it's my favourite eyeshadow and the beauty junkie favourite.

3. Bobbi Brown - 'Designed to enhance your own beauty' - love that philsophy! These are great because they don't crease on oily lids and fading is minimal. Amazing for day to night make up. This stuff is red carpet ready!

4. MUA Eyeshadow
- A bargain brand that made it's way to UK (yay), guess where you can buy? Hello Superdrug! The packaging isn't as durable but if you're not fussed then this is for you. If you are more bothered about texture and variety of colour wise which, let’s face it, are the more important attributes of a good eyeshadow, taking a swipe it’s glides on smoothy and the colours are great, especially the bronze shades.
5. Illamasqua Eyeshadow - Ever since Illamasqua invited me to their workshop event, I was delighted to be their mannequin for the day and I just fell in love with the brand. The range contains the most pigmented and dramatic of all eyeshadows, if you’re going all out, then Illamasqua’s unique and exotic colours are for you

6. Rimmel Eyeshadow - For a drug store product, I’ll try and not be too critical; they are very sheer, the applicator isn’t great and the shadows break off which ends up everywhere in the case. However, it’s great for everyday makeup. They have decent lasting power and some of the colours are beautiful.

7. MAC Eyeshadow - Ridiculously amazing colours, MAC has the best in terms of range. You folks know how MAC eyeshadows are, long-lasting, high pigmentation, and they stay put. The artists fave, easy to blend and play with the different textures: pressed powder and glitter pots.

Eyebrow Pencils

1. CK Brow Pencil - Best for: Beautiful Blendability

2. Benefit Brow Kit - Best for: To dress the naked parts of a stripped-down arch.

3. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil - Best for: For Creating Teeny-Tiny Hairs

4. MAC Brow Set - Best for: Setting your brow shape, adding just the tiniest hint of hue, or managing longer, unruly arches

5. Clinique Brows - Best for: Just the Right Amount of Sheen

6. Shavata Eyebrow Pencil - Best for: Creating the perfect shape

7. Laura Mercier Brow Powder - Best for: Adding heft to brows that already have a nice shape

8. Smashbox Brow Trio - Best for: Extremely Long Wear


1. YSL Blush - This is a fun blusher palette which you can experiment with, for blusher virgins, swirl this clever quad together and apply with a good blusher brush for a subtle glow.

2. Estee Lauder Blush - The perfect winter blushe, it's a warm pink that extends that faading tan just a little bit extra.

3. NARS Blush - Known for their blush expertise, Mata Hari is no exception. Bold and beautiful, this blusher is strong, so tap your brush before applying in an upwards sweep. It will definitely show up in images.
4. NARS Multiple - I. Love. This. Stick. I use this religiously on most of my shoots. It shows up in images lightly but as a healthy glow.

5. Dolce & Gabbana Blush - The spurge favourite, smooth application, looks flawless, totally matte. Great for huge pores and oily skin and lasts all day. The best thing is that the brush is actually really good in this one!

6. Chanel Blush - The best thing about Chanel's makeup is the packaging, look how shiny it is! This is my favourite blush shape, a 3D half moon which looks like a mineral marble. Texture, wear and blush are all A+.

7. Bobbi Brown Blush - One of the favourites and another image ready blush. It works well for yellow based skintones and as it develops through the day and it looks more and more like it's part of your skin. I love the colours too.

8. Benefit Blush - A great travel product as it's an all in one blush, lipgloss and highlighter in shimmery pink, a coral, and an orange. Does need reapplication as it's a liquidly stick.

9. Rimmel Blush - Cheerful, if you're not too bothered about wonky hinges. But, the colour on the other hand is amazing! It has a very pretty sheen, and a peachy fresh light glow to your cheeks

10. MAC Blush - We shy away from the Essex look, but this girly blusher has just the right amount of orange undertone to perk up your skin with a healthy glow without looking like crayola


1. Lancome Lipstick - Look at that 150 deep red, it's so bright that you may have to reapply a few times to avoid creases. It's gorgeous and when first applied and without sounding too cheesey', it's your element. It's moisturising too so don't worry about the Vaseline overcoat.

2. MAC Lipstick - The ladies favourite, probably because of the huge range of beautiful sheer and matte shades, I've had this applied on my lips by Makeup Artists that I've probably eaten a wooden spoon's worth, my favourite is probably Dubonette, a heavy red Great Gatsby looking colour. The lighter shade I like is called 'Modesty'.

3. Bobbi Brown Lipstick - Great full coverage lipstick, rich colour, smooth, creamy and tasteless if you're a lipstick muncher. Faves are Party Alice and Sandwash pink.

4. Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick - The great thing about this lipstick is that it doesn't bleed, it does have a scent and taste, but : beautiful packaging, wide range of beautiful shades, good coverage and decent staying power

5. Topshop Lipstick - Not a huge range, but then again, who wants to spend an hour trying 20 different shades of red on? Excellent value for money, and spot on in my book. They have great pigmentation (nothing worse than no colour pay off) They aren't drying, and don't leave your lips chapped beyond repair, but also have great staying power.

6. Shiseido Lacquer - Best suited to those with yellow undertones, they bring out brown eyes, my favourites are RD203 - Portrait, RD305 - Nymph and RD607 - Nocturne. I find lacquer lipsticks easier to use for when you're in a rush and great news there's no need to apply lipgloss on top of lipstick for the extra shine.

7. Aveda Lipstick - Some of the colours from the range are great! Not badly priced and great coverage. The Nourish-Mint lipstick in Star Grape is my favourite.

8. Max Factor Lipstick - The best high street lipstick, yes, These lipsticks are amazing quality. Very pigmented, creamy texture, long lasting, luxurious packaging.

9. NARS Lipstick - Super moisturising and amazing range of colours, NARS is well known for their campaign imagery featuring their latest lip apparel. Their lipstick pigmentation is the one of the best.

10. Burberry Lipstick - How beautiful is the criss-cross detail on this lipstick?! I would literally whip this bad boy out to show it off. On a practical note, this piece of luxury is a soft satin lipstick which has combining oils and light waxes, and even contains anti-aging ceramides which is important for the sensitive skin on that area.

In spite of looking like I'm suffocating, I do think the end result looks wonderful; the beauty of different pigments in makeup can really transform a look. Which ones can you not live without?

Location: Brick Lane, London

Photographer: Tanvi Madkiller
Make Up Artists: Donika

Sunday, 28 December 2014


I was having a chit-chat with a friend the other day, and we were talking about how bizarre it is that; the Western world aim to achieve the perfect tan, and that in Asia, (and in the Middle East) the stereotypical 'beautiful' lady has white porcelain skin. 

There are even beauty products designed specifically for Oriental women labelled as 'whitening' creams and apparently; it's a 2m dollar industry. Well, you always want what you don't have, eh? Anyway, the question is, do they work? I personally don't think they do and I'm going to sound a bit motherly here (but I mean it pet) why not enhance your natural features rather than change them? Raise your hand (err, comment below) if you use moisturising creams. Lets face it, (ha, get it?) contray to the bold claims and ambiguous promises that appear in the skincare world, there is one universal truth that dermatologists and consumers agree upon: moisturiser does work. The only problem is that there's an endless range, literally. I'm sat on the sofa and the TV advert blasts, "the latest, most innovative formula yet". Mate, where do you even start?

Why do I use moisturiser? I want to protect my skin with anti-ageing shizzle'. I know, it seems premature to be wearing that stuff. At this stage, I don’t need products that promise to increase collagen production or anything like that, naturally in our 20's, our skin is already relatively resilient. I look for products that contain ingredients that have preventative qualities, SPF and antioxidants. There's three moisturisers with all of those properties, Estee Lauder Daywear and Clinique Moisturiser. I use Olay Essentials Day Cream, post here. Ever since I was a little girl I used to watch my mummy put it on. Aside from the smell and the childhood Déjà vu, It's the only moisturiser that I found that has hydration, antioxidants, UVA/UVB protection, doesn't clog pores and doesn't leave a hole in your purse, *phew*. Wrinkle prone already? If you happen to be 35+, I would recommend Elemis Marine Cream, it's all about the collagen production and it's got raving reviews.

Throughout the years, I've collated a list of my beauty discoveries, the ones that I personally feel, work on my skin. I've tested a lot of products, on the supple road to finding my staple collection. Time by time, you'll discover them on my Blog. I use the famous La Roche-Posay Redermi Anti-Aging every 3-6 months. If there’s one ingredient that could be considered the fountain of youth, it's Retinol. It 'increases cell cycle turnover, helps promote collagen and in doing that, it decreases pore size'. Lastly, for blemish prevention, La Roche Posay Anti Blemish is perfect for your handbag and great for preventing break outs and skin damage from spots. Most of us have a good record when it comes to the consistent application of the peripheral skincare (eye cream, serums, masks, toners and so on). Life just gets in the way. But with the right products, we're making a big difference. Above is my picks of the big multi tasking hitters to invest in now. Come on, spill. What unbeatable beauty buys have you got for me to try?

Location: Studio, East London

Photographer: Dmitry Pahomov