Wednesday, 19 November 2014


I've been seeing a lot of dark and vampy' looking lips in the AW14 (Autumn Winter) fashion press recently, and without having any tenancies to start my own Bella from Twilight story, I've always been, kind of obsessed with the smoky Gothic look.

There's something sexy about bright, but mysterious eyes and oxblood lips.

1. MAC Lipstick in Heroine 2. Dior Lipstick 3. NARS Lipstick (Scarlett Empress) 4. YSL Lipstick  (Prune Avenue) or (Golden Lustre) 5. Topshop Lipstick (Inhibition). 6. Tom Ford Lipstick (Bruised Plum) 

How to wear purple lipstick is a question I’ve tended to seek an answer to. I mean, hey, that’s purple lipstick we’re talking about – super sexy, super edgy, super chic yet, unfortunately, super difficult to wear. Dark lipstick can make it seem like you're trying to be Rihanna or just confused about when Halloween is.

I personally think that with the right makeup it can look really hot (even though it's more suitable to wear in cold seasons or you'll end up looking like a confused Emo). To make it work for you, warm skin tones will suit a reddish to purplely' lipstick, whereas cool skin tones will suit cooler purple lipsticks. It'll work to your advantage to keep eye makeup natural, in the shoot I did above, Neon, my lovely Makeup Artist, didn't build heavy layers in the eyes as my features would clash and could probably give a panda a run for his money. 

Opt for sexy, nicely lined cat eyes, or give a natural looking smoky eye a try. Lastly, flawless skin makes the perfect finish, you kind of want to keep the rest of your face neutral and shine-free, grab your fave matte foundation and aim for full coverage, it’ll polish your skin up to that porcelain-like perfection. 

I've listed my favourite plum lipstick products and some of my other favourite gothic treats. Happy lipping!

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Location: South London

1. MAC Lipstick in Heroine 2. Dior Lipstick 3. NARS Lipstick (Scarlett Empress) 4. YSL Lipstick (Prune Avenue) or (Golden Lustre) 5. Topshop Lipstick (Inhibition). 6. Tom Ford Lipstick (Bruised Plum) 

Photographer: Jon Reid

Make-Up Artist: Neon Velvet

Saturday, 15 November 2014


It's Winter! 

That was sneaky. Winter has crept up on us. Sorry we couldn't hold on to you for much longer Sun, although, we did get a good wrath of you for a couple of months (hello rare tan). See you next year, sundresses, bikini's and short shorts which I have to store under my bed. *Puts on best sad face*. 

I know, I know, it only feels like yesterday that you've dug up all of your Spring Summer clobber. But, it's time to break the friendship with light and sleeveless wear. 

[Insert best attempts at cold winter faces]

Now before the weather sets in, the skies turn grey and the wind starts to chill our British nips, you need to get your wardrobe in order.

I love snugging up in a cosy jumper with a hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course) by the fire, eating hearty foods like cottage pie and err, pie, all kinds of lovely pie. I've written pie three times there. Ah I love pie. 

With Christmas approaching (one of my favourite times of the year, I'm too excited) it's all about double wrapping your socks around your chilly feet and layering your thick wooly scarf. Anyway, you're thinking, what the f**k shall I wear? Well, besides digging out last years Winter stuff, the staples you need for AW14 are:

The statement winter dress which meets the fine line of being appropriate to wear for work but suitable for evening dinner at that fancy pants restaurant or after work cocktails.

Here are the dresses which have caught my eye as a three-in-one:

And the AW14 dresses that are calling my (and your) name for the upcoming merry season:

A long sleeved smart collared blouse (loving the Peter Pan collars ATM) or a nice silky blouse:

The tailored trouser:

Warm layered wool coat:

Good old chunky boots:

*Phew* I hope you find at least one gem to brighten up your winter. If you do, make me a cup of tea? It's cold outside.


Location: Hampstead Heath

Photographer: Przemek Czaicki

Monday, 10 November 2014


Something rare has happened. Thanks to MY-WARDROBE I have found the perfect special-occasion-and-pretend-that-I-go-award-ceremonies dress. 

It's Alice by Temperley at and shows off a bit (but not too much) of my little leg, unless I outright thrust my leg forward and do the can-can; it avoids showing off all of my pin to the point where it gets it's own Twitter page

Anyway, with Christmas season almost upon us, it's time for the dreaded dress hunt, and I've always struggled with finding one that allows me to stuff as many mince pies and look sophisticated. My Alice by Temperley wonder is fitted at the waist so it kind of forces your stomach in and the timelessness and sophistication of black is welcome to any wardrobe. If you're not comfortable eating in a fitted dress, this floaty' beaut' allows us to gobble down that thanksgiving turkey whilst leaving room for the Christmas tummy expansion. 

As a follow up from my previous post, with Ella and Rachel, I'm gliding around The Tate, London. The high ceilings, tall white pillars and marble architecture in contrast with the black dress created the scene for a winning Alice in Wonderland chess tournament. After the rain stopped (standard British weather) we took my lovely dress for a spin outside near the park by the fully blossomed trees, quiet pathways, and a serene of London, in light cool air. 

The make up was simple with a touch of glam, winged eyeliner and pink lips, the products that the lovely Rachel used are above this post. Unfortunately this dress has sold out, boooo', but step up, (sorry I had to) and have a browse of the at similar pieces below.

Location: Tate Britain, London

Photographer: Ella H
Make Up: Rachel Williamson 

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Friday, 24 October 2014


Once upon a time, I wanted to start a Blog. A place where I could log my experiences, and create some kind of scrapbook to look back on my life, whilst hoping at least one poor sod would read it (that person being me).
With a full time job, finding the time to Blog was a juggling act. I can announce that I don't have that problem anymore. I quit my job to travel. They say follow your dreams. I'll let you know if it was the right decision.

Today I relaunch this Blog, with an editorial called Fire, shot by super talented photographer Ella H and wonderful Make Up Artist Rachel at the Tate in London. A wonderful way to say goodbye to my beautiful city where I have lived for 5 years, to travel the world. 

ProjectM is a Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog. I will be launching my travel and foodie posts early 2015.
You're welcome to join me in my adventure.

Monica x


Location: Tate Britain, London

Photographer: Ella H
Make Up: Rachel Williamson 

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Sunday, 1 January 2012


Hi, I’m Monica Wong, the wanderluster and dreamer over style, food and travel. I was a Commerical Model, now Blogger. I work in Marketing. I fill these pages with my life & adventures. 

What's your personality like?:
I'm weird. The sort of girl who you will find lost, walks into a door, likes to nap, with her shirt back to front. I'm that girl. 

What's your Blog about?: 
It's very much a lifestyle, travel, beauty, food and fashion Blog, all of my favourite things into one.

As a young professional (ish),  I think my style very much suits my age, I'm definitely a high street girl, I shop at the popular Topshop, ASOS, Zara, H+M, Warehouse, and Reiss. I also love (and wear) carefully selected handmade pieces from Korea, I stock my favourites at ProjectM. Of course, I do love the occasional designer piece, my picks of lust are Mulberry bags, Erdem dresses or blouses, Alice by Temperley dresses or Jimmy Choo shoes. My goal is to create a realm of colour and striking fashion in my images.

Foodie and some form of fitness:
I. Love. Food. I can fully admit, I am a foodie. I'm that lame instagrammer' who takes pictures of food and adds it to my food porn collection. I'm a fan of flavour, spice, and I have a sweet tooth. Ah, I love cheese, and cheesecake. I do get asked, 'how do you stay so slim'? Luckily I have that magical fast metabolism gene. I am a fan of fitness (ish), I love yoga and I go to the gym, well, sometimes. I also used to be a cheerleader so I can bend my legs in weird places. I do drink a lot of green tea, I'm not sure if that contributes to my fast metabolism. 

I love the word wanderlust', that's what I feel when I travel. I've always been a curious cat, as a kid I was taken everywhere. I just love exploring and I thrive in adventure. As cheesey as this sounds, there's a world out there, why not go see it? I think it's important to see real poverty and learn about other cultures. I have a travel list and a list of things I would like to do and see. 

My Story: 
As I work full time, my Blog can only be as good as I have time to write it, I would absolutely love to put so much time into it as I am constantly thinking about news ideas and concepts, but in the real world, I, like most people, work full time for a career. I used to be a Commercial Model, you can see an interview about it here

What camera do you use?
I use the Panasonic Lumix Compact System camera, it's compact so I can lob it around with me. It's a really good quality camera. 

Whats the difference between a Commercial Model and Model?: 
A Commercial Model has a distinct look and is booked to promote, display, or advertise commercial products for specific campaigns in advertising on TV, Photo shoots and Film. A Model is booked to promote, display, or advertise commercial products on Catwalks and Photo shoots. I'm a Commercial Model.

Can I contact you?:
Yes of course! If you need to tell me something, or have a burning question please get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

For advertising or general enquiries please email:

Disclaimer: Some of the links I post contain cookies, they're delicious and taste amazing with a cup of tea... kidding, I am currently being sponsored or commissioned by the brands I promote.

Love Monica x

Oh, and check these out too:

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