Thursday, 27 February 2014

Wish Want Wear Love & Lace

Wish Want Wear have just launched their new Spring collection. 

They dropped me a little note to ask if I'd like to choose a cheeky piece for my wardrobe. To be honest, I've always been curious about the whole 'rent a dress' thing, the concept of renting a designer dress and giving it back?! 

Well, as much as I could battle returning a beautiful designer dress, I do own some lavish pieces that I have worn once... and literally once. I know, it's terrible isn't it. I'm all for recycling and I'm against throwing clothes into landfills (I've always donated my old apparel to charity). 

You see, I do struggle with wearing things twice in a short time period, I know there's so many articles out there and guides on how to reinvent your wardrobe and 'how to wear the same shirt in a billzillon different ways', yes, I did see that meme with that girl who styled that checkered shirt into the skirt, boob tube, shorts, etc. 

For a special occasion like an awards ceremony (ha, because most of us go to so many), or more realistically, a ball or a wedding, where you're papped secretly about 50 times, my thought processes seem to populate that I've been spawned on everyone's newsfeed in 'that' dress and that I can't be seen wearing it again. 

This is where (or wear, lols) Wish Want Wear come in to save the day, they are the UK’s leading designer dress hire website, they stock internationally renowned designers including Temperley LondonSass & BideM MissoniJust Cavalli and Halston Heritage with accessories from the likes of Mawi and Erickson Beamon. Offering the ability to hire designer dresses without the designer price tag. You browse the site and choose the dress you’d like to hire and if you need advice, chat to a stylist. It's always nice to treat yourself in a sustainable way of shopping.

 This is my Poker face.

This is me holding some glitzy stick I've found, I clearly had a few drops of alcohol.

Oh, I've gotten a bit carried away here, I haven't written about where I wore the dress. I went to Ruby Blue, a nightclub/bar located bang in the middle of Piccadilly Circus. The club itself is huge, I don't know what a night out in there is like but I would recommend to go and have a boogie around the decor and throw some shapes. 

I had fishcake, steak pie and lemon tart, delicious, sorry the pictures are s**t quality, my iPhone is going through the flu and needs updating. After supper, we played poker till late, pictured above is me pretending I'm in Vegas. Lalala! 

How has your weekend been? Has anyone else been to Ruby Blue? What do you think?

Monica x

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Launch of Reiss Spring Summer Collection SS14

The Launch of Reiss Spring Summer Collection
Our Reiss Sale has now officially ended.

SS14 transports us to the Riviera and is inspired by the chic lifestyle of glamorous coastal resorts during the late Fifties/early Sixties. The Collection is a contemporary interpretation of this sophisticated, bohemian time and offers the essential pieces needed to build the ultimate modern wardrobe.

Womenswear - The Colours

A pretty palette of tonal pastels with soft powder blues and invigorating peppermint underpin the collection alongside lots of crisp white pieces. These sweet sunshine shades are interspersed with pop art colours, flashes of striking emerald green and graphic use of monochrome.

Womenswear - The Silhouettes

Shape is important, with a great emphasis on the silhouette. Whether this be visualised with a 1950s-fuelled “La Dolce Vita” fit and flare skit, resort-inspired shorts, long and lean midi-length skirts or tapered wide trousers cropped at the ankle, all feel fresh and modern.

SS14 Menswear – The Colours

From subdued stone to blunted charcoal, the collection’s palette has a tempered base, but washes of dreamy blue and flashes of bleached-out neon add perfectly placed pops of colour to the palette and provide spirited tonal uplift

SS14 Menswear – The Details

On closer inspection, SS14’s collection boats a plethora of surprising and inspiring fine details. Cuban collars reflect a reverence for the style of bygone times, while the leather collars which adorn shirts are firmly in the domain of the contemporary. Art-inspired prints add textural intrigue to summer separates whereas iconic Jack Purcell pumps will provide the perfect sartorial anchor for summer ensembles.

SS14 Top Picks













Thursday, 30 January 2014

Wish, Wish, Wong! My Top Five Crepe Dresses

white dress black dress Green dress purple dress yellow dress

My Top Five Crepe Dresses

Payday has arrived! I love Crepe dresses, why? Because it's winter but almost summer, so you can dress these beauts with a jacket if it's cold or lose the tights if it's hot, OK, we haven't arrived to that stage of the season yet but they are a kind of a half - half dress, with comfy thick material and sleeves. I'm aiming to get each colour to complete my wardrobe - this will install an automatic rainbow to my cupboard and I will always have something to wear!

Monica x

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Wish, Wish, Wong! January Wishlist

January Wishlist

I've decided to create wishlists. Hopefully I'll keep it up - I've called it, 'Wish, Wish, Wong!', because it sounds funny and I am not Wong about that. OK, my jokes are a bit lame for 2014. For my January Wishlist I have chosen:

1. Toast Winter Coat  || - Brr, because it's so cold! How 'TOASTy' does this coat look? I don't usually like hoods or fake fur on coats, but I like this foxy one, it reminds me of a high end Firetrap coat and (those Firetrap coats in year 10 looked super cosy). The button detailing is really pretty too.

2. Mulberry Tote - I've. been.wanting. a. Mulberry. since. Eve. ate. that. damn, apple. Well maybe not that far back, but it feels that way. Look how beaut the Willow is! An upgrade from the Alexa or Del Rey, I just want it.

3. John Lewis Hampers - I seem to like anything named Willow these days, I guess it's weather appropriate as it's been wickedly windy in the UK. Anyway, I have a thing for boxes and storage, I have a few storage baskets for my socks, make-up, and other bits & bobs. It's a great way to store your items and it looks neat and tidy.

4. Cath Kidston Iphone 5 case - Cath Kidston do some really pretty phone case designs, whether it's spots or bird print, they have a great range. I like the polka dot vintage feel of the spotty blue one. I went to the opening of their new store in Piccadilly, there was a big bus and lots of people queuing up for their free gift card - I think I'd aim for a phone case if I managed to get one!

5. Zara Jewelled Necklace - I'm a major fan of the statement necklace, they add so much to a plain outfit. This one is pretty with lots of different coloured jewels and is so shiny.

Monica x

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Blogging laziness - Happy 2014!

Hello all!

I've bit pretty terrible at updating this Blog. I've been a bit better with my shopping Blog:, but to be honest that's a lot easier to post. This whole work full time, and Blogging hasn't really worked out that well. There are a few reasons why I wanted to start Blogging:
  • Channel my inner creative outlet, I know this sounds like some sort of a Confucius-sounding quote, but I used to have a creative job and now I have a more 'technology' based role - these random creative ideas that I have to go somewhere (any advice on this would be appreciated).
  • To improve my writing - honestly, I wouldn't say I'm an expert writer, though I would love to be, I think it's an important skill and I like to constantly challenge this brain
  • Create a diary of my adventures (or lack of)
I looked at my Blog and my eyes shot up when I saw that my last post was written in, err, October 2013? Oh, oh dear. Do you find that time just flies so quickly? It was Halloween and then Christmas arrived within a day, OK, not a day, but you know what I mean. I'm going to try my best to update this Blog as much as I can. 

It's one of my New Years Resolutions, alongside the obvious going to the gym, eat healthy, travel more etc.

How has your New Years gone so far Readers?