Saturday, 1 August 2015


I'm not going to lie here. I gave it my best shot to be all cool and slick – like one of the Mad Men ladies. Yes. That was the look I was going for. And then my shoe got caught in one of those NYC drains  – the ones which have lots of little holes in. Ok fine, it happened twice. Fail. 

I love Brooklyn, it's edgy. That's one word to describe it. I love the quirky restaurants, delicious brunch eateries and arty-farty shops.

Myself & Wendy stumbled upon a street which looks similar to Chelsea in London. I have a weird thing for spotting pretty doors. When I see one, I just have to take a picture of it. On our breezy wander, Wendy spotted a pretty door. We slyly looked at each other – at the same time, smiled simultaneously and we just knew – that was the door. #doorweirdos. 

I'm dressed in one of my favourite outfits, the little silk strappy cami and statement trouser. It's simple and makes me feel all womanly. It's the perfect uniform for running around the shops, sitting through meetings, lunch and an afternoon of brainstorming like a true New York business lady. 

The cami & trousers are from Topshop. The sunglasses are from eBay. The heels are Jimmy Choos

I wore the gingham black & white trousers because they remind me of the NYC skyscrapers at night. The night blacks out the city and the little square windows light up. It's beautifully electrifying... and my heart is set on you ��. Ha. It's time to say goodnight before I burst into song on you again.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Photographer: Wendy Whitesell