Monday, 19 October 2015

It's Bonus Time

It's Bonus Time.

'Monica, what are you on about?', I hear you ask.

(This post is for the ladies — or for guys who wear make up, otherwise, sorry dudes).

I have a confession. Sometimes, I pop into Debenhams on a mission to hunt down a beauty counter that has one of those 'buy two or more & get a goody bag' offers. You can let me know if that's lame. I have to admit though, they're handy for a few reasons:

A) The items are usually travel size so you can wave goodbye to airport security and take your new beauty miniatures on a nice holiday.

B) I hate carrying full sized beauty products, in my handbag, to the gym or on my way to an overnight stay. My fun-sized bad boys fly with me like feathers.

C) The contents are usually 'best sellers' so if you've fallen in love with any of them, great, you can buy a full-sized version. Or, if they don't tickle your fancy, well, you got it for free anyway!

Debenhams picked out the best of the beauty bunch for me. Hello Clinique.

What do we have here?

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild 30ml

I broke my Clinique Soap cherry ages ago when I had a sleepover at my friends house and forgot my face wash. The texture isn't drying like a traditional soap — which is great news. It lathers into the skin like a silky gel. As a daily wash, it's great for removing makeup and feels nice and refreshing on my skin.

Clinique Take the Day Off Make up Remover 50ml

This is the one of the most effective makeup removers I've used. It soaks right into your skins and wipes off waterproof mascara, lipstick and eyeshadow in one swipe. Personally, I much prefer organic removers that aren't as strong (my skin can be sensitive) but if taking the day off works for you then this is the one.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief 15ml

This is a beautiful, light little product. If your skin gets as thirsty as mine, then this is bliss. It's creamy, jelly-like and glides onto my skin softly. I waited for it to soak (which didn't take long), headed out, came back and my skin was still soft by the end of the night. I recommend this for when your skin is feeling dry as it's a relief cream and not really for daily use. For daily use, Clinique Superdefense has all of the protection you need and is a godsend.

Clinique High impact Mascara in Black 3.5ml

Ok, I really should show you what this mascara looks like on my eyes. So, I've booked a beauty shoot in 2 weeks and will be featuring the mascara, lipstick and the eyeshadows so that you're not reading this post for the lols. I must apologise, the Clinique offer is ending on Sunday October 23rd so I want you to have a chance at grabbing the offer before it expires. Anyway, I've used this mascara before it's really good. It's got a thick brush so it's great for full coverage of the lashes. You only need a couple of swipes.

Clinique All About Shadow Duo in Straberry Fudge 2g

I love it when a beauty brand helps me out by putting duo colours together to form a palette — it saves me the trouble of Googling YouTube tutorials. This strawberry fudge duo has two colours: pink and brown. Use the pink to highlight your brow bone and brown to add depth into the creases of your eyes.

Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Matte Magenta 2.3ml

How beautiful is this colour? I don't think I even need to show you this colour on my lips (though I will — stay tuned). I've been seeing a lot of fuchsia pink lipsticks in the press. I need to bring this welcoming & friendly colour into my life.